Huge selection of necklaces in stainless steel. Did you know that the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf, use only steel jewelry in for everyday use? Steel Jewelry and steel necklace is the perfect choice for you who use jewelry daily. Necklace in steel is almost impossible to wear out and maintenance free! You can swim, sunbathe and practice with the necklace on without destroying it. Whether you have a dirty sweaty job, or sit in an office, this is the perfect piece of jewelery in stainless steel for everyday life. Steel Necklace Crafted from the finest steel 316L stainless steel, and with a look of platinum shines also in the center of the party! Stainless steel 316L is also used for the manufacture of surgical instruments and is also called surgical steel. Completely free from allergens such as nickel. We recommend with pride these beautiful affordable steel necklaces online!

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