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Rings in Tungsten, also known as Wolfram is the most durable and best looking option if you do not want to buy jewelry in precious metal. First let's clarify that Tungsten and Wolfram are the same element, and very rare and sought after. Approximately 1 gram per ton is in the earth crust. The melting point is extremely high 3422 ° C, which means that the manufacturing process used to make jewelry is very difficult and advanced. However, jewelry are mostly manufactured in Wolfram-carbide where the melting point is 2870 ° C. The result gives a very hard and durable product by about 9 on mohs hardness scale (just below the diamond at 10 mohs) and a density of 15.63 g / cm ³. It makes Tungsten rings or Wolfram rings very durable and heavy, hence also the name. The name Wolfram comes from German "wolf rahm" meaning "wolf froth" depending on its behavior in molten form. Buy exclusive and affordable Tungsten rings for both men and women on the net at MisterBling!

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